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Why choose MadisonScuba for all of your Rental needs?

  • MadisonScuba equipment is checked over EACH and EVERY time it is returned, unlike many facilities that service their rental gear every 3 to 6 months.  Maintenance, no matter how minor, is performed and logged before we rent it out again.
  • We rent everything you need: BCDs (including children’s sizes), Regulators, Gauges, Shorty Wetsuits, 3 and 7mm Full Wetsuits, Computers and much, much more!!!
  • Our rental Buoyancy Compensators are all weight-integrated for your comfort and convenience (yeah baby — no weight belt required!). All are state-of-the-art models from both Cressi and H2O Odyssey.
  • We furnish FREE use of an equipment boat bag for you to carry and transport your rental equipment while diving.
  • We give you tips and help you set up your rental gear. When you pick up your rental equipment, one of our professional staff will take the time to install the equipment on a scuba tank and review the care and use of your rental gear.
  • Best of all, we are reasonably priced!!! We also offer package pricing for multiple items, such as a BC, Regulator and console package.

Special for Tuesday Night Adventure Dives

  • All of the gear you need for only $35. Includes one air tank, BCD, Reg set, Gauges, wet suit and more if needed.
  • Reserve yours today and pick it up on the Monday prior to the Tuesday Night dive. Return it on Wednesday night.

We have many rental options and programs – call (608) 219-5075 for details