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You can’t dive without something to breathe and tanks to use. MadisonScuba is there for you to provide quality air fills, easy tank rental programs, tank inspection, repair, service, and Hydro testing.

MadisonScuba can usually fill your cylinders while you wait. Not only are we fast, our gas delivery system offers exceptional TRI-Air certified fills with low moisture up to 3500 psi. As always, you need to produce the relevant diving certification card to obtain air fills.

Your safety is our concern therefore no tank will be filled without a current VIP/Hydro or showing exterior signs of damage or excessive corrosion. VIP, Hydro and Visual Eddy test services are available.

If you need fills outside of our normal business hours, just let us know in advance and we should be able to accommodate your needs.

Air Fills
Up to 80 cf   $   8.50
Up to 100 cf   $   9.50
Twin set to up to 200 cf   $ 13.00
Air discount card – 10 fills   $ 75.00
Air discount card – 20 fills   $140.00
Tank Rentals and Services
1 day Rental – 80 cf   $ 15.00
1 day Rental – 100 cf   $ 18.00
VIP and fill   $19.95
Hydro, VIP and fill   $39.95
Tank Repair   $25/hr + parts