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Learn To Dive

Online Academics

A self-paced intro to the class...

Classroom Workshop

Discuss diving practices and check out the gear...

Pool Sessions

Two days to learn skills in the swimming pool.

Training Dives

Four dives to show your skills in open water.

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The current hours are: Saturday 10-4 pm | Monday 5-8 pm | Wednesday 5-8 pm. And as always, we are available by appointment.

Please call 608-219-5075 or email [email protected] with any questions you may have.


Madison Scuba offers SSI & PADI classes 

At Madison Scuba, we are committed to providing safe and fun excitement for you and your family. You are embarking on a journey to explore the 70% of the world only seen by 1% of the population. You may be getting into diving with your partner. This may be a new activity to try with your children. Perhaps you’re coming in because you dream of being a better pet parent to your goldfish. We know family can be whomever you choose. Madison Scuba Staff is a family. One who decides to teach here because we’re passionate about sharing the underwater environment. We’d love to make your family part of our family. We have the largest team of Dive Professionals in Madison, so we keep our classes small and personalized. We once started this journey right where you are sitting and are proud to now share it with you.

  • We provide you with comfort in the pool and open water while training. Wetsuits are provided for the pool and training dives to keep you warm.
  • No fin purchases are required. Instead, we let you try multiple types of fins in every class to decide what you like. This helps to inform any future gear purchases you choose to make.
  • We provide high-quality, weight-integrated BCDs in every class for every student. No ugly weight belts!
  • Some agencies put every student in the same generic mask to boast they don’t require gear purchases. Some even use the same generic mask in multiple colors to claim they let you try several masks. Either way, they tack $80 onto your class fee, and you go home empty-handed. With Madison Scuba, you will know exactly what you’re wearing in the water, and it’s yours for years of enjoyment.
  • Every Open Water student is custom-fitted for a mask matching your face’s exact structure. We carry over 40 styles to match any face size and shape. Students can avoid the leaks that come with using a rental mask. When using a rental mask that leaks, panic is possible. You also have lower visibility. If you can’t see anything underwater, why go diving or snorkeling? We have masks ranging from $20 to $100 to work with any student’s budget.
  • At Madison Scuba, we have an on-site technician to service your equipment in-house. This eliminates long waits associated with send-in services. Maybe you need an annual inspection. On the other hand, maybe your octo is making a noise, and you don’t want to admit that your son put his Lego scuba diver inside when you weren’t looking. Either way, we can get your gear back in working shape in no time.
  • We are a dual agency shop: SSI and PADI. We can compare and contrast the materials from SSI and PADI objectively. We provide instruction with the system that best meets the student's needs instead of the system with their name on the window.


Some of our most popular courses: