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  • Boat Diving Fundamentals

Boat Diving Fundamentals

Boat Diving Fundamentals is a distillation of the collected wisdom, tips and tricks, and lessons Madison Scuba pros have learned on hundreds of boat dives all over the world. 

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Whether you will be hopping out for an afternoon of local wreck diving, or spending two weeks on a liveaboard on the other side of the world, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your dives are safe, fun, and relaxed.  We will cover everything from how to pack and prep your gear before departure, through setting up your station on the boat and working with the boat crew, to the dives themselves.  In all of our combined years of dive travel, we've discovered that a little bit of planning ahead and some patience early on will leave you relaxed and ready when it's time to finally don your gear and get into the water.

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